30P 230W/235W/240W/245W/250W Poly Solar Panel

30P 230W/235W/240W/245W/250W Poly Solar Panel
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Electrical Data
Maximum Power (W)230 235 240 245 250
Optimum Power Voltage (Vmp) (V)30.36 30.60 30.72 30.85 31.02
Optimum Operating Current (Imp) (A)7.58 7.68 7.81 7.94 8.06
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) (V)36.42 36.54 36.60 36.91 36.99
Short Circuit Current (Isc) (A)8.1 1 8.22 8.36 8.50 8.62
Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency of Solar Cell (%)16.07 16.42 16.77 17.11 17.46
Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency of Whole Module (%)14.17 14.47 14.78 15.09 15.40
Wattage Tolerance 0% to +3%
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (℃)47±2
Temperature Characteristics
Temperature Coefficient of Isc (%)+0.04
Temperature Coefficient of Voc (%)-0.35
Temperature Coefficient of Pm (%)-0.45
Temperature Coefficient of Im (%)+0.04
Temperature Coefficient of Vm (%)-0.35
Components and Technical Data
Solar Cell (mm)156×156 Poly Type
Number of Cell (pcs)6×10
Size of Module (mm)1640×990×40
Front Glass Thickness (mm)3.2
Maximum Load Capacity of Surface (Pa) 2400-5400
Allowable Hail Load 23m/s, 7.53g
Weight Per Piece (kg)18.6
Junction Box TypeTUV Certification
Bypass Diode Rating (A)12
Cable and Connector TypeTUV Certification
Frame 46mm Aluminum Alloy
Back SheetTPT
Temperature Range (℃)-40 to +85
Fill Factor (%)70-76
Standard Test ConditionsAM 1.5, 1000W, 25±2℃
Packing Wooden Box
1×20 inches Container 14Pallets/332pcs
1×40 inches HQ 28Pallets/840pcs

The SL230-250TU-30P series of poly solar panels has high performance with the maximum power of 230W, 235W, 240W, 245W and 250W. They are designed with the dimension of 1640×990×40mm, weight of 18.6kg and operating temperature ranging from -40℃ to 85℃.

By using the solar cell with high energy conversion efficiency, the poly solar panel has the features of high energy utilization rate, energy saving and environmental protection. Its back sheet is made of TPT material which is high flame retardant. Through lamination and good encapsulation, the product has firm structure and good sealing performance. Featuring favorable weathering resistance and excellent capabilities of resistance to wind, hail, humidity and salt spray corrosion, it won’t be influenced by the geographical environment and can be used for commercial solar power generation system. Welcome customers to purchase our product.

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