Poly Solar Panel

Poly Solar Panel

Our poly solar panel is IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 compliant. It is often used for commercial solar PV power generation system and the roofing system. It can also be used for the other on-grid solar applications. We guarantee the quality of our product for 10 years and the power output performance for 25 years.

As the core part of the solar power generation system, the poly solar panel transforms the solar energy into electrical energy which is stored in the battery for driving the external appliance. We mainly provide the products of SL230-250TU-30P series, SL265-275TU-36P series and SL280-300TU-36P series.

Apart from the merit of long service lifetime, our poly solar panel has good sealing performance and can avoid the corrosion of solar cell. Meanwhile, it is superior in electric insulation property and ultraviolet resistance. In addition, the product has enough mechanical strength to bear the stress of impact and vibration during the process of transportation, installation and use. So, it won’t be damaged easily. Featuring high photoelectric conversion efficiency, high reliability and easy installation and utilization, the product is praised highly by the customers.

As a China-based poly solar panel manufacturer and supplier, at QXPV we also offer 48V 250W/255W/260W/265W/270W black mono solar panel, 220W polycrystalline solar cell, 165W monocrystalline solar cell, and more.

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