Solar Panel

  • Mono Solar Panel The mono solar panel is produced by taking usage of the material of high-purity monocrystalline silicon rod. For the mature structure and the production technology, the product has been widely applied to the commercial solar power generation system. Compared with the poly and amorphous product, the mono product has the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency. Its solar cell can get the technical parameter of about 17% and even up to 24%...
  • Poly Solar Panel As the core part of the solar power generation system, the poly solar panel transforms the solar energy into electrical energy which is stored in the battery for driving the external appliance. We mainly provide the products of SL230-250TU-30P series, SL265-275TU-36P series and SL280-300TU-36P series...

Solar Panel

Solar panel is also called solar module. It is the high efficient PV module developed by using the crystalline silicon cell technology. The product has many technical advantages in low initial light-induced degradation, better low-light effect and high power generation performance under high temperature. The adopted technologies and the components of the product are listed as follows.
1. Long-term stable power output. Generally, the initial light-induced degradation of solar cell using boron-containing cell technology is 3% to 5%. But we can make that technical parameter of our product to the lowest level which is less than 1%. Meanwhile, we can guarantee high stability and reliability during the service lifetime of the product. Thus, the solar panel is particularly fit for the PV system in need of high conversion efficiency solar module. It can be widely used for residential and industrial PV roofing system. By adopting high efficient crystalline silicon solar cell, the product can still provide enough power at the period of electric peak.
2. The silicon dioxide coating is available on the surface of the solar cell to avoid reflection of sunlight effectively. Then, the photoelectric conversion efficiency can be enhanced accordingly. The efficiency of our mono and poly product can be up to 19.04% and 17.46% respectively.
3. Lamination technology. There are totally five kinds of laminations which are glass, EVA, solar cell, EVA and back sheet from top to bottom respectively. Our solar panel can work for up to 25 years and has the superiorities of high mechanical strength and excellent capabilities of resistance to water, corrosion, impact and distortion.
4. The EVA is added with anti ultraviolet agent and curing agent. During the process of heat pressure treatment, it cures to form an elastic protective layer to link the solar cell, glass and back sheet tightly. Then, the sealed and waterproof whole body can be formed to protect the solar panel.
5. Made of TPT plate, the back sheet is lightproof and resistant to humidity and corrosion.
6. The product adopts aluminum frame made of aluminum alloy. The frame is plated with tin and has the merits of anti oxidation and anti distortion. It augments the mechanical strength of the product and allows the product working normally under any harsh environment.
7. Junction box is attached to the back of the solar panel. Its main usage is to lead out the electrode of the product to connect external electric appliance. The junction box can be removed easily and almost doesn’t need local maintenance. When the power of the product is large, the diode branch is built in the junction box to protect the circuit from damage caused by high current.
8. The bracket and wire can be available for the product according to customers’ needs.
9. The adopted glass is the ultra white tempered low carbon type featuring high transmittance, water tightness, high mechanical strength and invariant color after long term ultraviolet irradiation. It can protect the product effectively.

We are the professional solar panel product manufacturer. Customers can customize the product with the power of 10W to 310W. We have passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001. Meanwhile, our products are TUV, ETL, ROHS and CE compliant. With the warranty of 10 years, the product has high quality and works reliably. It can be widely used for LED light, PV power generation system, and more.

The solar panel is the core part of the solar power generation system. With encapsulation and internal connection available, it is the indivisible minimum solar cell combination device and can provide direct current output independently. Its usage is to convert the solar energy to electrical energy or store the electrical energy in the battery to drive the external electric appliance to work.

According to the material of the solar cell, we have the solar panel of mono type and poly type. The mono product has ten kinds and the poly product has 3 kinds. The mono product is made of high purity silicon rod and has the advantages of high photoelectric conversion efficiency and long lifetime. But the production cost for the product is comparatively high. Compared with the mono product, the poly product has slightly lower photoelectric conversion efficiency. But it has the feature of low production cost with high performance price ratio. Customers can choose the suitable product according to their actual needs.

QXPV is an experienced solar panel manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products, such as poly solar panel, mono solar panel, 165W monocrystalline solar cell, and 200W solar photovoltaic cell.

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