Solar Cell

  • 165W Monocrystalline Solar Cell The 165W monocrystalline solar cell is designed with the thickness of 190um±20um, the conversion efficiency ranging from 16.20% to 18.60%, voltage at maximum power point of 0.4959V to 0.5334V and the open circuit voltage of 0.626V to 0.636V. Featuring high energy conversion efficiency and long service lifespan, the product can still generate electricity though in the environment with weak sun ray such as in the rainy day. Meanwhile, with the increase of temperature, the conversion efficiency of the product can still keep unchanged...
  • 200W Solar Photovoltaic Cell Due to the high energy conversion efficiency, the solar photovoltaic cell can provide enough power even at the period of electricity peak. The product can be used in on-grid or off-grid residential, commercial and other PV solar power generation systems. With the merits of long service lifetime, reliable quality and competitive price, the product is the preferable choice for customers...
  • 220W Polycrystalline Solar Cell By taking usage of high precision silk-screen printing graphic, the polycrystalline solar cell is easy to conduct automatic welding. The adopted advanced production technology can ensure good conductivity and reliable service lifetime. With nice appearance and excellent performance available, the product can be used in many kinds of solar PV equipment. It is the ideal solar product for customers to choose...

Solar Cell

The solar cell is the semiconductor device for transforming the luminous energy into electric energy. As a professional manufacturer, we mainly provide the products of 12-M5-R150 mono type, 12-M5-R165 monocrystalline type, 12-M6-R200 PV type and 12-P6-R220 polycrystalline type.

By taking usage of the abundant silicon material, our solar cell can be used conveniently for its low density, light weight and high strength. Featuring high energy conversion efficiency, it has stable performance and long service lifetime. The product can be linked together to form the PV solar panel and the optimized arrangement can assure complete thermal diffusion and reduce the generation of hot spot effect. Meanwhile, the product can be preserved under seal in the environment with the temperature not exceeding 30℃ and the humidity less than 60%. It has a wide application range involving in solar energy buildings, solar energy mobile phone battery, communication power, solar lamp, roof system, household power supply system, PV power station and other fields. If you have any purchase intention, please contact us.

QXPV is an experienced solar cell manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including 150W mono solar cell, 220W polycrystalline solar cell, 36P 280W/285W/290W polycrystalline solar panel, and more.

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